I’m Lynne. I believe in ideas + action. This blog serves as my unassuming diary on Silicon Alley’s evolving tech ecosystem. All opinions stated are my own and unaffiliated.

2 years ago, I fell in love with New York City’s magnetic energy, unending inspiration, and array of talent.  I work at the New York City Economic Development Corporation to keep the economic engine chugging.

Before that, I reported on television locally in Gainesville, Florida and nationally for ABC On Campus. I also got my first taste of how hard it is to launch a successful website with the now-debunk web series, CampusTweet.TV.

Born and raised in Florida, I’m a proud University of Florida alumna. (Go Gators!)

Other adventures include: 

- Teaching English in Italy through ACLE,

- Serving as Venture for America‘s first Recruitment Associate, connecting enterprising college graduates to high-impact startups in lower-cost communities,

- Assisting with the launch of ZeroCater ‘s NY office,

- Writing for the Careers and Strategy section at Business Insider.


 I’m an advocate for NYC tech, great stories, and the enduring human spirit. My ultimate aspiration is to be a storyteller, weaving technology, ideas, education, and storytelling together as a means for inspirational good. I love hearing from people. Tweet or email me at lynneguey@gmail.com.

my other digital life

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