The Case for Ambiguity

I don’t want to grow too attached to this addictive thrill of finding resolution through pruned essays and words. One of the greatest distortions of the Internet, like writing, is that our beliefs over time are flattened into something overly consistent for the purpose of fulfilling an argument or identity, which then strips us of the context we get when we're alive and interacting with a more dynamic, ever-changing physical world.

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Simple Civility

Two weeks ago, I checked a major item off my life bucket list: running the New York City Marathon. Words can’t quite capture the experience of running through the streets of New York City with 50,000+ other runners. What I can say is that running through the five boroughs — from the mass exodus in Staten Island…

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2016: Presence > Presents

My favorite marketing campaign over the holidays was Sweetgreen’s clever play on presents. Beyond the benefit to Sweetgreen’s bottom line, there’s immense value in the social capital this taps into: an age-old desire to break bread with others. This got me thinking, now that the ‘season of giving’ is over, what if we continue to give simply…

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Mumbai Dispatch

  In late November, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a week-long mission trip to Mumbai. The trip was part of Redeemer Presbyterian’s short-term missions program, which coordinates dozens of trips each year to assist and serve international nonprofits and NGOs in various capacities.  Thanks to the generous support of family and friends who contributed…

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I’m running the NYC Half Marathon

…in less than 2 weeks! I’ll be carrying some winter pudge; nonetheless, I’m excited and honored to be running on behalf a charity team close to my heart, Apex for Youth (Apex). Apex is a mentoring organization for underserved Asian American youth that I’ve been involved with for 3 years as a middle school mentor. My mentee Melanie…

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