The First iPad Newspaper

Slowly, the print newspaper is becoming a black and white figment of the past.

This morning, Rupert Murdoch unveils the much anticipated iPad newspaper- ‘The Daily’- an all-purpose publication that is designed solely for iPads and other tablet computers.  According to the people who have seen it, it contains “compelling sound” and “incorporates sight and motion in new ways.”

Murdoch has been working on ‘The Daily’ for many months in coordination with Apple , which has given NewsCorp the digital equivalent of a recurring magazine subscription that will automatically re-bill to a customer’s credit card.  It will cost 99 cents per week, or $40 per year.

As I type, ‘The Daily’ is being launched at the Guggenheim museum in New York City.  Word isn’t out on what reviewers and tech enthusiasts think about it, but there will certainly be more news about it throughout the day.  I’ll write a post on it later.


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