Interview with Jenna Johnson, Washington Post Reporter

Aspiring journalists, hear hear! In a conversation segment I taped last year for CampusTweet.TV, Washington Post student life and culture reporter Jenna Johnson (Twitter handle: @wpjenna) offered insights into the changing media industry. As a journalist myself, I was excited with the opportunity to exchange words (face to face!) with a real-life reporter. We spoke via Skype, with a shoddy connection at times. (Hence the blurry resolution and lapse in audio. Alas, technology isn’t perfect.) Nonetheless, I was happy to hear about the experiences of a reporter living in the digital age.

Our 20 minute conversation was whittled down to 7.5 minutes for attention span purposes. But if even that’s too long for you, here’s the take-home message:

News is ongoing. It’s no longer just about getting the story to print or air. Following up and maintaining a conversation with readers is critical. After all, our generation is an interactive one.

Journalism Social Media

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