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After some diligent prodding by one of my mentors, I am back on the blogosphere. This time, with more purpose and drive. After all, I am no longer constricted to writing for a grade. The only purpose here is learning.

I began this blog earlier in the year for my Interactive Media class simply as part of the graduation requirement for my Telecommunication degree. 6 months ago, all that was on my mind was getting out of college and entering the real world.

Well, I graduated alright. I was then faced with the daunting question: Now what?  Silence is always deafening.

The basic principles of broadcast journalism, my prior field of study, are being redrafted as we enter a world of media convergence.  As such, I’m no longer looking for the typical TV reporter job.  Those jobs are still there but I’m looking ahead to where media might be 5, 10 years from now. 6:30 evening news? Not quite.

So essentially, real life is presenting me with a whole new sort of education. Equipped with a forward-thinking approach, entrepreneurial zest, along with a necessary dose of humility, I’m preparing myself. There is SO much to learn.

I head to New York tomorrow.  My goal: learn social.  I’ve always loved good conversation so I kid you not when I tell you the next up and coming thing are conversation agencies!  They help brands listen, engage, and understand conversations in social media.  I’m not a huge expert in the social realm, but I’m out to learn.  Or at least, have a good conversation about it.

Social Media

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