Day 4: Marathon

What’s the most appealing part of a journey: the beginning, middle, or end? For me, it’s the beginning because you can go anywhere from there. I’m a dreamer. For others it’s the end because they can marvel at the results.  These are goal-driven executers.

Who chooses the middle? The journeymen, the ultimate learners. For them, it’s not about dreams or accolades; it’s simply about doing and growing.

I admire the journeymen. The hardest part isn’t starting or finishing; it’s simply continuing.  On this writing journey, I’ll admit that I’m tired. I struggled to write today and was tempted to skip a day, but knew that would be quitting. I forced myself to pull these words out of a very rusty, tired brain. Just like the blood, sweat, and tears of an athlete in a marathon, they’re worth it.


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