Day 6: Commitment

Shout-out to Obama, our president for the next 4 years. Now on with my selfish lamenting…

Yesterday, I was telling a friend about the number of projects I’m involved with. “I can’t handle them all! I feel like I’m not being the best version of myself in anything.”

She responded, “When you attempt too many things, you have no choice but to be mediocre in everything.”

Riding on the heels of this wisdom, I skipped out on work today, figuring I could use some time to recharge and focus on another side project. My gut was telling me to invest time in this because it’s something that I’m naturally excited about. It could be a faulty investment but I figure that if I at least enjoy it for the time being, it’s not a complete waste of time.

Tomorrow, I head to Philadelphia to pitch this venture. Here’s to anti-mediocrity!

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