Day 28: Opportunity

There’s a first for everything. I had some red wine on the plane and am now slightly tipsy/disgusted – $7 for a little bottle of cheap Cabernet?! Thank goodness I had a voucher. Never again.

I’m en route to San Francisco for a few meetings, including some with prospective employers. I’m anxiously awaiting the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge as a sign of *golden* opportunity. I’m also excited to see old friends, meet new ones, and explore the city which many say is the gem of the West Coast.

This is my first out-of-town company visit. Yes, it’s exciting. The first everything is almost always exciting. But it’s easy to forget in the hoopla that opportunities are never done deals. Furthermore, they are not always right. An opportunity represents possibility and hope but it’s important not to get carried away simply because there’s an open door to step through. There may be other doors waiting.

Startups talk a lot about finding the right fit. It’s kind of like dating. Every potential person you meet and click with is a new opportunity. Does that mean they’re the one? Most of the time, no.

Even if this trip does not turn prospective into actuality, that’s okay. The fact that there is even any opportunity to begin with is a blessing. The right opportunity? I’ll wait for that.


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