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Simple Civility

Two weeks ago, I checked a major item off my life bucket list: running the New York City Marathon. Words can’t quite capture the experience of running through the streets of New York City with 50,000+ other runners. What I can say is that running through the five boroughs — from the mass exodus in Staten Island…

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Hello Again, New York

On Thanksgiving Eve, while most New Yorkers eagerly shuttled out of the city, I befittingly found myself glued to my couch in Alphabet City, alone, milking a bottle of wine. Solitary gulps couldn’t replace my family’s embrace but somewhere between the self-pity and nostalgia, I found a silver lining. This week marks my 2nd year…

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Orthogonal Bliss

In the short time I’ve been in New York, I’ve lived multiple lives. At times, it’s been anxious naval-gazing: “I have work and then a dinner thing, and then I’m busy trying to do this whole becoming who I am thing!“, circa Hannah Horvath. Less often, it’s cosmopolitan ”I will never be the woman with…

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Confidence in the Face of Failure

Got really vulnerable, y’all. Last week, I had the fortune of meeting Christina Vuleta, founder of 40:20 vision, a website that offers advice from 40something women who have been there, to 20something women (like me) who are trying to figure it out. Christina was a panelist at a 40:20 Highwater Women panel  where she, along…

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Monday Mission

I live right above a Brooklyn Industries store.  The company motto, “live work create”, is emblazoned on the brick wall next to my building’s gate, so it stares at me each time I go in & out. I usually don’t return the glance but on occasion, I stare back. Or glare. Depending on my mood.…

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Eleanor Roosevelt once advised: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” My natural instinct, like any scaredy-cat, is to back off and make excuses. But something tells me that Eleanor is not telling us to jump off a cliff. Those daredevil feats are nothing compared to the fears we’re most afraid to tackle, those…

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Everything will not be okay.

My previous post on failure was not the most sanguine, so I’ll flip the page over for something more motivational today. Everything will not be okay. But you’ll be alright. If you have an important decision to make, remember that. I recently decided that I want to write and edit for a digital publication, maybe…

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On Failure

Ruin is the road to transformation. Life is chaotic, bringing changes that nobody can anticipate. So, don't take it all too seriously. Like a fish out of water flopping about, you'll find another place to swim.

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For the Love of Lists

Hats off to 2012! Wherever you are, I hope you’re able to reflect on the highs and lows of the year with honesty and humility. Among the many year-in-reviews and recap videos, I found this one particularly gut-wrenching- 2012: What Brought Us Together With 2013 fast approaching, it’s list time. I love these handy things. They’re the…

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Day 22: Vision

Ideation is like a breezy joy ride along the Pacific Coast Highway. With all the smiling possibilities and wind-in-your-hair serendipity, the drive is exhilarating. I can spend hours bouncing ideas. Things usually end on a high but eventually, like a joy ride, I have to get out of the car. Make moves. Get shit done.…

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