Future Correspondents, Part II

There are some more standout bloggers I neglected to mention in my last post. Better late than never, so here they are:

Lee Ziesche’s blog, Cooking College, offers more than food knowledge, contrary to its name.  In fact, I learned lots about the ONE Campus Challenge and the significant role college campuses are playing in raising awareness of poverty.  Lee produces the UF Chapter’s official ONE awareness videos, which is really impressive!  Check it out- UF ONE.  I love being informed of the latest causes and I’ve signed the ONE pledge, thanks to your informative posts.  Keep up the great work, Lee!

Shout-out to Zach Aldridge, who I’ve had the pleasure to give tours with as a fellow Florida Cicerone here at the University of Florida!  I am always amazed with Zach’s charisma and people skills, but never knew much about his background.  So it was interesting to read his thoughts on attending a private school and his current aspiration to make it big as a SportsCenter anchor.  With his magnetic presence, I have no doubt that he’ll go far with that goal.  However, it is cool to know that Zach has other talents and interests other than sports.  He played a leading role in a play on campus, Crossroads.  I know that in some way we’ll see Zach in the limelight.

Certainly, I cannot forget to mention the talented and awe-inspiring Lucia Tolosa.  Her blog, Stories in Spanglish, sheds light on her life as a Uruguayan living in America.  Her posts are beautifully written (some are in Spanish) and she often shares her informative news reports on that air on local WUFT.  It makes me want to beef up on my Spanish so I can comprehend more of her writing!  I’m also very impressed with her work as host for LiveVibe TV.  Keep it up, Lucia, and I’ll see your reports on the digital sphere soon!



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