Meet Your Future Correspondents

Whenever I find myself resting on my laurels, all I do is look to my left and right at talented classmates and I am reminded that there is always more strive for.  I am lucky to be surrounded by such talented people to learn from.

Among the likes of my peers, there are several biographies published from RTV4283 which stood out.  One was Daniela Perallon, whose Tasty Politics blog on food and politics, caught my eye with its colorful design and tantalizing pictures.  I learn more from Daniela’s blog than the latest election buzz though.  She’s a seasoned traveler who has gone to London and hiked some of America’s most beautiful trails.  Check out her pictures! I am sure these experiences will help her future career as a political correspondent as she reports from a well-traveled perspective.  Can’t wait to see more of her work 🙂

Since I take an interest in nonprofits and philanthropy, I enjoyed reading a little more about the author of Non-Profit News, classmate Meredith Chipman.  Her biggest passions are summer camp, children, and helping good causes.  She is involved with Dance Marathon at UF, the largest student-run philanthropy in the Southeast. (I am also dancing in it this coming weekend!) It is inspiring to read about someone who is so invested in helping others.

Last but not least, as a self-professed fitness fanatic, I couldn’t help but take interest in Katie Keene’s blog, Gator Fitness.  She offers some great tips on health and staying in shape, which is definitely a struggle for college students.  Reading a little more about her upbringing in Pennsylvania explains a lot about this active girl.  Her Dad taught her to mow the lawn and fix things around the house- thatta girl!

One thing’s for sure: these blogs definitely motivate me to continue posting useful content!



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