Idealism at its best, but it’s always important to set missions and goals.

1. I believe the next generation is charged with a challenge: to coalesce gracefully with a rapidly evolving world,

2. I believe the current status quo in institutional education does not equip us with relevant tools to meet this challenge, nor does it produce the best version of our selves,

3. I believe in devoting our technological resources toward empowering individuals to explore a wide array of interests, then providing opportunities to hone the skills deemed meaningful to each of us, 

4. I believe in the need for a creation-based platform that displays our works as a learning package for others to follow,

5. I believe individuals should create their own curriculum: learning by consistently producing content that contributes to public discourse and education, and doing by connecting with the right people on collaborative projects, 

6. I believe in using said platform to simultaneously craft our individual and shared biographies,

7. I believe that when we creatively express, discover, and collaborate among various disciplines, we can reach an unprecedented level of synergy in the world,

8.I believe that by creating this platform our generation will be more than able to meet the challenges presented,

9. And I believe the world will be a better place when we each find our bliss, beautifully giving to the world what it deserves of us.

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